About Us

Founded in 1993, National Telecommunications Network, Inc. (NTN) provides voice, data, internet and conferencing solutions to business markets nationwide – from small business to mid-market to enterprise.

Our focus is on offering our commercial telecommunications clients the fastest and most efficient service possible.

NTN is a master telecommunications agent that holds contracts with a number of the world’s leading commercial telecommunications carriers. Our consolidated sales volume enables us to offer better pricing than buying directly from telecommunications carriers.

The NTN Advantage

NTN guarantees your satisfaction and provides sales support and high-level customer support the way it used to be. Always available by email or phone. Always professional. Always a consistent representative. Always based in the United States. After all, the less time you spend talking with carriers, the more time you spend doing business.  That’s the NTN Advantage.

It’s frustrating to deal with business-critical telecommunications providers who just don’t get it. They put their needs and their bottom line ahead of yours by taking your valuable time to deal with their endless personnel changes. At NTN, we believe that when you have a question or need help, you deserve a timely, articulate response from people with years of telecommunications experience.